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Welcome to the Phylocanvas documentation site. These pages detail how to use the Phylocanvas version 2 and above, but the v1.x docs are still available.

Please note that this site is intended for web developers. It is possible to use Phylocanvas with a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by starting from the Quick Start page.


To get a simple application or demo running, see Quick Start.

To use Phylocanvas in a more complex application, see Installation.

To customise trees and interactions, see Features.

To respond to user interaction on a tree, see Events.

To extend the abilities of Phylocanvas, see Plugins.

To start using v2.x from a previous version, see Migrating from v1.x.

To make improvements to Phylocanvas, see Development and the API.


Phylocanvas is released under the LGPLv3. This documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (CC BY-SA).


Please submit feedback and suggestions to our Github issues page.